Breathing is no small thing. It’s the only thing in your life that you need to live. The absence of continued breath is the absence of life.


Why Breathe with Tina

A year ago, I decided to share what I learned from my study of Yoga & Ayurveda with my friends. It turned into this blog. I started BWT with a post about breathing for clarity. The theme of breathing deeply has been recurring through out my writing.

Yogis spent centuries studying breath.  While observing inhalation and exhalation might seem boring to most, yogis realized that life is nonsense if you cannot breath. Therefore, yogis looked at the dynamics of breath in detail. They hypothesized, “If we understand breath – the most fundamental aspect of life- then perceiving all else in life will be a natural process.” Yogis continued to follow their breath to gain more awareness and to live with more ease.

Years ago, anyone who talked about following your breath or even taking deep breaths annoyed me. It seems liked vague advice.  I had better things to do like going to concerts with friends or building my career or visiting another country. I took breathing for granted. “Isn’t breathing just a given,” I often thought. I also wondered – How is this going to help me be more successful? Will I have more money, power, fame, impact, fun, or stronger relationships if I study my breath?

I started breathing practices  as part of a school project. At first I focused on the outcomes of breathing practices – but eventually I found myself feeling more intrigued. Every breath I took had a different quality to it -sometimes slow and other times rapid/ sometimes cold and other times warm. I started developing a subtle awareness that helped me see my life problems from a broader perspective. Instead of feeling stuck , I started feeling intrigued by how small things ballooned into big things. It amused me how much I inflated problems for no reason but to give me importance. I also saw a fine balance within my body.  We have this soft breath & a body that can break at any point but we also have the resilience  to do impossible things.

There was one point last year where I could not do much else but observe. In April, I got so angry that my body exploded. I could not read or write but just witness the process and the healing.  Since July, I feel nothing I write will ever come close the experience you will have within yourself when you start feeling your breath. It’s not an extreme experience – in fact it’s gradual for most people- but day after day you’ll start to realize what matters the most to you. Most of your questions about diet, lifestyle, and relationships will be answered  after those few still moments.

I took the most recent time off to organize BWT rather than add more information to the collection. Everything I’ve  wanted to say about health is in this index. It’s not perfect nor is it fully exhaustive but it’s streamlined to what I think matters.  I’d rather you start here than learn a new trick that’s a distraction not rooted in fundamental healing.

In the next few months, I’ll focus the blog on expansive topics like meditation and mental health. WHY?  I like these topics because getting out of over thinking is the only way to introduce more joy into your life. I’ll experiment with a writing rhythm so it will not be weekly but always intentional.

With Warmth,