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The Namaste Emoji- What’s Its Deal?

Most Used Emoji Ever– Namaste?

Recently, I wanted to send a thank you text. I wanted to send the “thank you emotion” not just the words “thanks” or “thx,” but I couldn’t find the emoji for it. I scrolled through my most used emojis – dancing lady….kissy smiley face with heart…party hat with confetti…laughing smiley…

I realized that- hands down-  I use the namaste emoji the most. Without hesitation, I sent my friend a namaste to thank her.


While my parents are Indian, I never grew up using namaste. I’d greet most people with hugs. I’d bow to my grandparents and touch their feet because that’s what my parents did. I’d shake hands in professional or first-time settings.

I never used namaste.

I wondered why then was I namaste-ing all over the digital world?

Explanation of Namaste You Haven’t Heard 

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All Advice about Breath Seems Vague


Breathing is no small thing. It’s the only thing in your life that you need to live. The absence of continued breath is the absence of life.


Why Breathe with Tina

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Beginner’s Exercise for the UnMotivated

Why we Move

Think of exercise as a full body cleaning. The crap you can not get rid of through digestion can be loosened & moved out when you move your body!!!

Exercise = waste pump. Conscious movement clears waste from the lymph & sweat glands. Conscious breath oxygenates blood, and therefore, every organ. Your body’s efficiency increases as you intensify exercise (up to a point).


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Food Rules Adapted, No. 1 Thing for Health

Youthful Silliness  Food Rules

You’re 22 years old. You meet a guy (or girl). You enjoy your time together – doing daily activities and traveling together, all the while laughing. You have common interests but aren’t exact copies of each other. Whatever he’s into still seems interesting to you. You support each other and stick up for each other when the world gets crazy. Food Rules.

You think he’s kinda cute so you tell your friend about this new development in your life.  Because you always get your friend’s opinions, you show her a picture of him and she says….”(pause)…(longer pause)…..ohhh I’m sure he’s great (half-smile)….”

You know immediately that your friend isn’t attracted to your new person. It bums you out even though you know it shouldn’t matter what your friend thinks, especially after one 5 second glance.  Secretly, it does bother you.

Your view is now colored. Now when you hang out with new guy, you keep hesitating. Maybe I can find better? Same personality traits but looks more like a movie star? At this point, no matter what this new guy does, you’re lukewarm.

Meh, even.

How did someone who added to your quality of life just a week ago start being a drag?

Meh State of Life:  What It Means

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Dr. Lad – Hooray!!!

Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Institute – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lad Lad Lad Lad Lad



I’m in New Mexico for a little while. I’m absorbing more of life with this Ayurveda teacher extraordinaire so I can distill it at another time for whomever chooses to read. His only requirement of me- no notes….just listening intently.

Bust Anxiety – Make Problems Seem Silly

On Anxiety

“In shallow men the fish of little thoughts cause much commotion. In oceanic minds the whales of inspiration make hardly a ruffle” – Yuteswar Giri (anxiety buster)

The following quote made my heart sink this week. A few days ago, I was rereading the Autobiography of a Yogi because I only skimmed it the first time.  Once I read the “shallow fish quote,” I had to set the book down because I couldn’t go any further.

Fish of little or big thoughts? Monteray Bay Aquarium Cutie

Why is it that the big decisions I made in life – college, who I keep close to me, motorcycle travel, starting businesses, pausing said business for Ayurveda – seemed like no big deal but just a few days ago I was freaking out over some technical stuff I didn’t understand about this website?

I think it’s because we allow shallow thoughts to add up to the point that they consume our mind. To extend the fish analogy, thoughts are like worms. A few friendly earthworms seem ok but an infestation of worms (or thoughts) just seems nasty. For some reason, my mind (and maybe yours?) seems to highly regard quantity over  quality.  Over time I increased the threshold with which I can handle more confused and uncertain thoughts (as most adults do), but I always hit a tipping point where commotion takes over. This causes anxiety or if it’s too elevated, agitation – exhibit A. Agitation is a more violent form of anxiety so I’m going to write about how I have approached the root problem of anxiety.

The following is an IMMEDIATE antidote I’ve developed to anxiety. No, I’m not going to tell you to breathe or meditate. I believe strongly in and practice both but I think there’s a trust in the process that most people need to start and even more trust to turn them into habits. If you start stepping into that trust, I’m always here to help you.

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Hyperacidity Food Remedies for your Tum

The Tale of Hyperacidity

A few weeks ago, I got super duper angry. My anger ate away at the lining of my stomach  (hyperacidity) which caused a painful gastritis attack. Last week, I wrote about the single best thing I did to release both and anger and pain.

As promised, this week I’m writing about what I’ve been eating.

Mung beans and rice. The combo is called kitchari or kichdi.

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Gastritis And Withdrawing Anger

Red, Red Wine Stomach

Last week, I showed you a picture of how deep-seated anger blew up my digestive system, causing gastritis. It might be something. A weird surprise, I suppose!

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A Case Study of Anger – Why I Went Missing

I learned a painful lesson on anger this month.  It totally blew my body up. Like a bomb.

Instead of writing to you through my anger pains, I decided to wait and write to you afterwards. Deep inside, I knew if I was still angry the tone of the post would be sharp, not judgement free.

So I waited.

A few weeks ago, I would have told you that I was rarely angry. While I had felt frustration, it never seemed to last. Something more exciting always caught my interest. I realize now that I had a small reservoir of anger that I had tucked away. Even when I moved on to something exciting, I did not always displace my anger constructively.  Some if it got trapped in inside.

What Happened?

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Red Eyes to Clear, White Eyes Naturally

Red, Red Eyes

I’m facing a major case of the red eyes this week.

This is what happens to me when I’m so captivated by a subject I’m reading about online that I can’t stop staring at my computer.  Sometimes I’m staring because I’m really into a movie…Ahem…movie(S) back to back. 🙂

I blink less when I stare at my computer for hours.

Blinking moistens the eyes. Not blinking for long stretches of time (sometimes because of extreme focus on a screen) causes my eyes to get dry and irritated.

By the time I head to bed, I have red eyes– zombie eyes. Over the counter eye drops only give me temporary relief. My eyes always feel itchier in the long run.

Sound familiar?

Even if you don’t have red eyes, eye fatigue affects the quality of your vision.  I know looking at screens is increasingly a part of every day life.

red eyes


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