Most Used Emoji Ever– Namaste?

Recently, I wanted to send a thank you text. I wanted to send the “thank you emotion” not just the words “thanks” or “thx,” but I couldn’t find the emoji for it. I scrolled through my most used emojis – dancing lady….kissy smiley face with heart…party hat with confetti…laughing smiley…

I realized that- hands down-  I use the namaste emoji the most. Without hesitation, I sent my friend a namaste to thank her.


While my parents are Indian, I never grew up using namaste. I’d greet most people with hugs. I’d bow to my grandparents and touch their feet because that’s what my parents did. I’d shake hands in professional or first-time settings.

I never used namaste.

I wondered why then was I namaste-ing all over the digital world?

Explanation of Namaste You Haven’t Heard 

Namaste came from the yogic  tradition and THEN became culturally Indian. If you ask most yogis, namaste is human expression of reverence & gratitude. Yogis believe namaste has nothing to do with India.

I learned that every 40-48 minutes the dominant nostril you breathe out of switches. If you’re breathing out of your right nostril more, then in the next 40 minute cycle, you will breathe out of your left nostril more. I found this nuance hard to believe so I set a timer and tested it. Yup! This is what was happening in my experience.

On both a physiologic and energetic level, the bringing together of your right and left palms balances both your right and left brain energy. It then creates a spark of energy.  Thus, the namaste position subtly balances and reignites your system with minimal effort. This is why so many yogic postures begin with your palms touching.

As I practiced more yogic postures (asanas), I liked namaste. I even stopped cringing when people namaste-ed all over the place at yoga studios! I’d join in like I did when people bowed to me when I lived in Japan.

Namaste in Practice- a Way to Include

Recently, I heard a yogi talk about looking at people freshly each time you see them. He pleaded with the crowd to drop their judgments of people as good or bad. I perked up because this blog is a judgment-free zone, a zone where people move forward with their lives, not wallow in what coulda shoulda woulda happened and who to blame. The shoulda coulda woulda game traps you into a deep hole instead of helping you climb out.

The yogi went on to say that if you greet people or thank people with namaste, it’s an instant resetting of your energetic system. You can bow down past your likes and dislikes to recognize that the person in front of you has creation inside them because they are living. You namaste to create a balanced space to see this small seed of creation in front of you. Most yogis extend this courtesy to the animal and plant populations because they are also alive. Even if you’re flooded with a tendency towards judgement (either positive or negative), your first interaction will be ALWAYS be inclusive when you namaste.

Beyond Limitations of People You Like and Dislike

If you start down the path, “Oh no, I don’t like her,” then your mind will just keep reiterating why you don’t like the person to the point of exaggeration. If you want to live in reality and not an exaggerated mess, what you must do is create the tiniest amount of space so you can see the person as a person.

Over time, your likes and dislikes become milder. Mild doesn’t mean spineless. Likes and dislikes are part of a personality you’re holding on to for identity. When you can be with you likes and dislikes, not overcome by them, you’re truly powerful. You’re able to get less wrapped up in people and personality. This makes you a total rockstar because you are more prone to action based on the situation that’s  in front of you. There’s also an intense enjoyment of life around you.

The Holidays

This week most of us will spend time with family and friends. We don’t always get a long with those closest to us because we have an up close view of how they are– sometimes we just don’t agree with what they are doing. Conversely, there are times when we’re so obsessed with our loved ones that we let everyone on facebook know it.  In the spirit of this blog, I encourage you to create some space so you can truly enjoy people’s company.  You can namaste / namaste emoji / or just be thankful by intent.

With Warmth,


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