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Beginner’s Exercise for the UnMotivated

Why we Move

Think of exercise as a full body cleaning. The crap you can not get rid of through digestion can be loosened & moved out when you move your body!!!

Exercise = waste pump. Conscious movement clears waste from the lymph & sweat glands. Conscious breath oxygenates blood, and therefore, every organ. Your body’s efficiency increases as you intensify exercise (up to a point).


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Food Rules Adapted, No. 1 Thing for Health

Youthful Silliness  Food Rules

You’re 22 years old. You meet a guy (or girl). You enjoy your time together – doing daily activities and traveling together, all the while laughing. You have common interests but aren’t exact copies of each other. Whatever he’s into still seems interesting to you. You support each other and stick up for each other when the world gets crazy. Food Rules.

You think he’s kinda cute so you tell your friend about this new development in your life.  Because you always get your friend’s opinions, you show her a picture of him and she says….”(pause)…(longer pause)…..ohhh I’m sure he’s great (half-smile)….”

You know immediately that your friend isn’t attracted to your new person. It bums you out even though you know it shouldn’t matter what your friend thinks, especially after one 5 second glance.  Secretly, it does bother you.

Your view is now colored. Now when you hang out with new guy, you keep hesitating. Maybe I can find better? Same personality traits but looks more like a movie star? At this point, no matter what this new guy does, you’re lukewarm.

Meh, even.

How did someone who added to your quality of life just a week ago start being a drag?

Meh State of Life:  What It Means

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Supplement Game – I Lost

How do you feel about taking a nutritional supplement– either plant-based or synthetic?

In theory, I like the idea of using natural supplement boosts to help my diet out – I know I don’t always eat the recommended daily value of vegetables, for example.

A supplement seems useful.

In practice, I overloaded on supplements a few years ago.

It started off with a multi-vitamin but then it got out of hand. By the time I turned 30, I had spent $3000 in supplements and was sicker than I had imagined.


Before studying Ayurveda (the first system of healthcare), I frequented a chiropractor for massage therapy, Dr H. . He was so good! I could feel the knots in my back unwind after years of tension.

A year later Dr. H moved to Long Island, and I wanted to do more for my health. I learned that many chiropractors had functional medicine backgrounds so I found one, Dr. S,  in my neighborhood.

Dr. S told me that he wanted to flush my digestive system out and rebuild it so that I had a lot more energy.

I  wanted this badly. I was dead tired from traveling for work on a plane every week.

Dr. S instructed me to take 10 supplements daily for the flush. I figured since it was temporary, that I could manage that. I did not like the idea of taking so many pills but I was comforted by the fact that they were made of plant based substances.

The deceiving happy pill                                                                                                                                Photo credit compfight via Johnathan

After a month of supplementing, I felt no change. In fact, my stomach felt more irritated. Dr. S, added MORE supplements to counteract my discomfort. I should have known more wasn’t the answer here but I like to see things through so I stuck with it.

At the 2 month mark, I started vomiting daily (clearly a sign from the body that something needs to be purged). Dr. S told me that I was purging pent up waste in my body…finally. He changed the supplement profile for one more month — it was way more expensive but I was getting the “highest grade” of healing.

I decided, I’d give it two weeks. I had read some medical journals stating that the body can get better with a healing crisis -e.g. it acts up before it gets better–so I thought the logical thing to do would be to give it more time but to have a cut off.

After two weeks, the vomiting did not stop. And then, I started having brain fog. I just couldn’t remember things that happened a few hours ago. It was unsettling because I had always had a very strong memory – one that would shock people because I remembered details from a decade ago.

One day, I was on the phone with a rep who asked for my middle name to verify my identity. I did not remember my middle name. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I paused seeming like a total fraud. I ended up hanging up the phone. I was so embarrassed.

I stopped seeing Dr. S.

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Snacking: How Does it it Work with Your Body

Snacking is Everywhere – Oh My What to Do?

Snacking culture is explosive. With the advent of the Food Network, Top Chef  and Cake Wars, we’ve become more attune to how tasty food can be.

This has led to the yummiest of food boutiques opening in our home cities:  Specialty chocolate shops, cronut shops, and bacon lovers’ paradises adorn our streets.

It’s hard not to partake.  But the rub is…

The Golden Rule of Ayurveda is to eat 3 well timed meals. a day – a decent breakfast, a big lunch, and a small dinner.  Ayurveda isn’t fond of outside meal snacking, except for fruit during the day.

How do you deal with this?


Snacks with my lunch  @ Pondicheri

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Good Health: A Golden Ticket?

I still remember the day my understanding of good health shifted. It was a bitterly cold, gray winter day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was unusual because like Denver, Colorado,  New Mexico is known for sunny winter days.

good healthAlbuquerque park on a  sunny day. 

At the time, I was attending school at the Ayurvedic Institute. I had just rolled up my last tech business. I felt crappy. I meant to get medical help for me & my dad who had had a really bad diabetic attack at the time. I thought I’d be there 2 weeks max but stayed way longer to become an Ayurvedic Coach (much to my surprise).

The amount of mental and physical depletion I put myself through over the years only became apparent to me when I started loosing a patch of hair at my neckline. I blatantly avoided all signs before this but when it came to the way I looked, I freaked out.

We all want to look good.

Enter Dr. Lad

On that cold, gray day, I was at school preparing to stay for evening lecture with Dr. Lad. The man astounded me more than anyone I had ever met. Previously, I had a career regularly meeting important people and yet I had never been so astounded by anyone more than Dr. Lad.

Dr. Lad is an Ayurvedic doctor with the experience of an MD. He communicates with both logic and empathetic wisdom. He has healed thousands in very difficult situations – tuberculosis, cancer & MS, for example. He started understanding & practicing medicine at 8.  And at nearly 80 years old, he was up at 4AM and taught till 10PM most nights and STILL reserved time for weekend workshops or to write books. He had never missed a day of work.

I, on the other hand,  was so tired that I wore my house slippers (I rationalized that they had soles) to class that day.

good healthI don’t know why I have a one-legged picture of me wearing those same house shoes out.

The Golden Ticket 

That day, Dr Lad. gave all of us students a sheet of paper and said, “If you find a way to work this into your life, you will have health. If you are unwell, you will recover if you stick to it. This sheet is 85% of the story of health.”

I looked at this sheet of paper and smiled ear to ear…FINALLY.  I promptly examined the sheet  and highlighted & annotated it so that I could find the best way to accomplish many of the things listed. Never had I looked so intently at one sheet of paper but to me, Willy Wonka had given us the Golden Ticket. And that Golden Ticket was derived from Ayurvedic texts dating back 10,000 years. AMAZING.

The Surprise Ending

The strangest thing happened after. We had just come back from a short herbal tea & restroom break, and I was ready to dive deep into that “golden ticket paper.”

Dr. Lad asked for questions. The first question was, “Dr. Lad can you tell me the herbal protocol for arthritis?”

He paused for a long moment, closed his eyes, and answered the question. My jaw dropped.

If that sheet of paper contained  85% of the story of health, why don’t we just talk about that? Why not talk about herbs & cleanses (the remaining 15% of health) tomorrow?

He took another question, “Dr. Lad do you think the positioning of the planets, sun & moon greatly affect our health.” He answered again.

A few of us asked questions about the “golden ticket paper” to anchor the conversation but by the end of class, we had jumped all over the place.

Good Health: The Wisdom of Dr. Lad

I decided that day I’d make it my life goal to study, deconstruct, sequence, and organize that “golden ticket paper” so it would work for me & my family/friends. And that’s what I do on this blog and consultations. Remember people have different body types, ways of living, and levels of connection with certain ideas.  We are always adapting.

Here’s the Golden Ticket paper that Dr. Lad gave us. It helps everyone and has ultra healing properties for people who are frazzled, anxious or don’t feel like they can control life. If you are conscious of your schedule, even very simply, you can anchor all else.

A few days later, I had my first doctors appointment with Dr. Lad. After talking about my severe vata aggravation despite being born a pitta, he asked for any last questions. I recounted the class from a few days ago and asked, “Why did you not reign the questions in.”

He smiled and answered – “You answer people based on what they want now. If people want to focus on the 15% instead of the 85%, it is okay. Sooner or later they will have to come back to the 85% if they want more than just survival. For that you and I are here.”

BWT Deep Dive

I realized from last week’s survey that there is room for me to provide Ayurvedic explanations for a few conditions, particularly ones I’ve solved. This way you can understand what’s happening inside and link it to either daily practices or herbs or a cleanse (called Pancha Karma in Ayurveda) depending on your comfort.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to do a deep-dive on one condition that I have a lot of experience with.  I’ll do an Ayurvedic education and solution post. It will come out in two weeks, not next week. 

I’ve narrowed down what condition I’ll discuss based on the majority of entries here. If you want to add what is ailing you so I can consider, click here.  I’ll still write about big themes like breath, water, food exercise, etc but want to see how this goes.

I’m humbled that you’ve been on this journey with me.

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo from school.


The master at work explaining how he can diagnose conditions based on your eyes…

With Warmth,



Everything I’ve Written On Health in One Post

**This post is a little long. If you don’t want to read the 27 articles before this one , I highly suggest you read this post in full.

A Six Month Look Back On BWT Blog

Every 6 months I do a look back on my life. 1 year is too long because I forget stuff.  Every quarter feels painful because that’s what businesses HAVE to do.

I settled on 6 months. 1 year ago I started slotting time into my calendar every 6 months on Sunday morning to dedicate to reflection. Otherwise my reflective moments were haphazard or I started getting too hooked on reflection without really doing anything. Where did those years go?

I figured since I just recently reflected on my life that I should do the same for BWT, which is major subset of my life.  After all, I’ve shared weekly on BWT for 6 months now.

This past “reflection Sunday,” I came up with a way to explain everything I’ve written about in a single story.

10 Themes

If you don’t recall the genesis story of this blog:

On my birthday last year, I took a pen and wrote a major theme of life as I saw it then on each finger. These themes were

1. Breath

2. Water

3. Food

4. Food & Water Interpretation (Poop & Pee)

5. Sleep

6. Self-Love  (The Concept)

7. Body Care (Self Love in its most Tangible Practice)

8. Mindset & Meditation (Subtle but Profound Self Love)

9. Light – Sun Light

10. Exercise

Check out the archives to see how I did this. While I could spend a year on each topic alone, I took the most important parts of them so the posts had a nice rhythm. I  still left room for seasonal topics/current life events so nothing got boring.

The following article is one simple story that explains everything I’ve written so far. It is far from perfectly organized and will get  simpler over time. You all are my daily writing coaches – thank you for reading & emailing me.

Good health is a like a clean, organized room that makes you feel happy.

healthPhotocredit comfight via houseology

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Why Me?

This article attempts to give an explanation of why things happen to people – WHY ME? – based on religious and non-religious points of  view. It also suggests your only next step.

why me

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Bleeding Gums

Sore gums? Red gums at the gum line? Blood when you floss or brush?

It’s basically a sign that some dead waste needs to exit your gum tissue. On a deeper level, it indicates that there’s usually inflammation built up in your digestive tract. You likely also have loose bowel movements.

At this point, you realize you should brush your teeth better (in circular motions instead of scrubbing) and should start flossing. You do this until your gums calm down only to face the same situation months later, usually around holidays or your birthday.

This is is why as a rule of thumb, I always see my dentist right after Jan 1 and after my birthday in July. I know these are times that I eat more sweets than usual.

The first step to oral hygiene is to scrape your tongue in the mornings. It’s the foundation that makes you want to better clean your mouth.

But what do you do when you slip as we all do?

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New Years Resolutions without the Drama

Today, I’m writing about New Year’s Resolutions. If you felt the slightest bit annoyed when you read the word “resolution,” you might have scar tissue or frustration over past goals just not working for you.

I’m dedicating a short amount of time today to discuss resolutions, which you might find odd because many authors actually spend a lot of time teaching you how to set up SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time Oriented Goals). While creating SMART goals has helped me in the past, it helped me more in the  domain of business, not personal goals. I had no real emotional connection to 80% of those business goals, and while I felt good about accomplishing something  “properly,” my new years’ resolutions never seemed to follow suit.

No drama over resolutions this new years

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Gift Giving Guide for All Seasons

Christmas is coming. You’re busy wrapping things up at work or wrapping things up to give your family & friends. I thought I’d dedicate this week’s post to gift giving.

The following are gifts I love to give (and my friends tell me they love getting from me) per occasion.

giftphotcredit compfight via quinn

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